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overstretched frog

you only posted this because you knew i was right and you required justification...thbb! and have you tried putting little smell good things in the room with the litter box? it gets rid of the smell of trainee...


Ugg. I see nothing attractive about cats. Cats mean floating cat hair. Floating and clumping. EVERY WHERE. blech

Cats mean (as you mentioned) poop-smell, grit, and smelly-poop-grit all over the house.

And scratching. On leather furniture, fabric, wood, me ... yikes.

You're a good woman. The Face of Boe must be awe-inspiring.


Mit - you are MY kinda person. And yes, the Face of Boe is pretty darn good.

OF - I see your thbb and raise you a THBBPPPPPT! Smell good things cover up poop smell. I am going to try Febreeze thing. Could be snake oil, could work. I'm desperate.

overstretched frog


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